A friend who will lend you a car

Friendly car rental

a car hire in Warsaw with no security deposit

How do friends lend cars?

It's easy! They don't want a security deposit and they don't count the kilometres you've driven, and they don't have anything against your loved ones driving. Most of all, they understand that an accident can happen to anyone. So they just hand you the keys and say 'I hope she treats you well' with a smile. We want to be that friend, that is why we've created the Friend Rate.

With the Friend Rate, you will rent a car without a security deposit and you'll drive as many kilometres as you need. Your close ones can drive if you can't, and if there is an accident, we won' make you pay any additional fees. You will also get road side assistance from the largest insurance comapnies and consultants to help you around the clock. We do this, because that's what friends do.

Jak przyjaciele pozyczaja auto

new cars only

we offer the safest, most comfortable, and newest vehicles

full coverage

we cover all damage costs

no limits

drive as much as you want (or don't want)

no deposit

friends save each other money

extra driver

if you can't drive, choose someone else to drive

your choice

you choose a car, not a class

Choose a car for you

Who are we?

START Car Rent is part of ECOM Media Group, which, thanks to our innovative solutions and uncompromising willingness to provide top quality service to Polish and European travelers, has served over 500,000 travelers in 2016. Rainbow Tours, TUI, Neckermann, TravelPlanet, Wakacje.pl, Exim Tours, Wezyr Holidays and many more have used ECOM Media services.

Now we would like to change how you rent cars in Poland. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible with a bit of friendly help.

logo Ecom Media

satisfied customers

500 000

yearly travellers


trusted by many offices

Become our friend!

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