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Audi A3

The muscular appearance of the Audi A3 Sportback and interior extras make you think you are driving a more luxurious car than a C-segment, also known as a compact (North America) or small family (British).The 1.4 TFSI gasoline engine with 150 horse power allows a small dynamic engine to ensure your ride is as smooth and enjoyable as can be.



Unlimited distance + 20 zł
Zero deposit + 20 zł
Child's car seat + 5 zł
GPS + 5 zł
Full coverage + 20 zł
Additional driver + 5 zł
179 zł daily

  • Unlimited driving
  • No deductible in case of damage
  • No security deposit
  • Two drivers for the rental period

For friends

Unlimited distance
Zero deposit
Full coverage
Additional driver
Child's car seat + 1 zł
GPS + 1 zł
In 1 day you will save 39 zł!
244 zł
218 zł daily

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